Where are you located?

Tomodachi Bake Shoppe is a Micro Bakery and does not have a retail location at this time.  I bake out of a commissary kitchen built into a residential garage and sell at Pop Ups around town.  I always post about where I will be on my instagram account @tomodachi_bakeshoppe   You can find me reliably at Orchid Dynasty, Millcreek (3619 s 900 e) every Saturday from 12pm-3pm, otherwise keep a lookout on my social media!

How to order:

Simply select the product that you would like to purchase and add it to your cart.  When you go through the check out process you will be prompted to pick a date and location for pickup.  Select the date and time you would like to pick up your order and continue to check out until you receive your confirmation email.  You are all set! 

Where do I pick up?

The pick up location is at Mims Bakery which is located at 1171 e Hemingway Dr, Salt Lake City, UT    Unless you selected a Saturday pickup, then your order will be at Orchid Dynasty, Millcreek located at 3619 s 900 e 

When you arrive on the date + time you selected during checkout, you will arrive at a residential address.  This is the right place!  I bake out of a commissary kitchen built into a garage and have a white pick up shelf set up outside under the carport.  I will have your order placed there with your name labeled on the packaging*

*If you ordered a cake and it is warm outside I will not set your cake outside until you message me that you are on your way, to minimize heat exposure.

How do preorders work? How do I know which day to select?

Preorders work the same as regular orders with the added location of Orchid Dynasty, Millcreek for Saturday pickup only.

I sell every Saturday at Orchid Dynasty so I take all orders with me from 12-3pm.  If you order for pickup from Mims Bakery during this time window on Saturday - your order will not be there! It will be with me! At Orchid Dynasty :) So please pay attention when selecting the day + pickup location so you select what will work for you.

Preorders listings will always list the days, in the title of the listing, that are available for pickup.

I want to order a cake for tomorrow - can I do that?

Short answer is no - but you can always message me to see if I have any availability.  I accommodate when I can but can not do last minute orders most of the time.